Rebuilding Your Life After Cancer

That was life *before* cancer. This is life after cancer.

Friday Funday: Northern Ontario (Going Home)

I feel lucky to have more than one place in this gorgeous province to call home.

Start with Love

Let’s choose fun, shall we?

Stop, Drop, and Roll: A Coaching Methodology

First you stop to assess your current state (on fire), then you drop before you can proceed to the next step, and then the final step is to roll, where you see the results (presumably to extinguish the fire).

Friday Funday: Easter weekend travels

If you work in the government, as I do, this is a four-day weekend for you.  Some of you may be traveling, and others may be participating in religious traditions to mark Good Friday. My husband and I are traveling to Northern Ontario today, to celebrate the milestone birthday of one of my Aunts.  She… Continue reading Friday Funday: Easter weekend travels

The Importance of Communicating Clearly

A few years ago, I needed an MRI.  When I had an allergic reaction to the gadolinium (the MRI dye), a nurse called the doctor on call who gave her a particular directive, which she relayed to the RN treating me.  At this point, before proceeding, the RN asked “Did the doctor say she was ordering… Continue reading The Importance of Communicating Clearly

Career Transitions – Follow your heart, your head, or your wallet?

What are you willing to sacrifice in order to do work that is fulfilling to you?  To obtain the level of income you believe is ideal?  For some people, it’s all about the heart.  Others focus on the money that is generated by their work and make choices accordingly. When faced with a career transition… Continue reading Career Transitions – Follow your heart, your head, or your wallet?