Friday Funday: Creative People Laughing

Last weekend, I spent my time at a creative retreat where about two dozen participants painted, knit, coloured, scrapbooked, and wrote (that was me, writing this week’s blog posts).  Oh, and there was a lot of eating (thank you to the Kempenfelt Conference Center in Innisfil!)  This retreat was hosted by a friend of mine’s… Continue reading Friday Funday: Creative People Laughing

Just Jump

“Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.” Will Rogers Richard Branson is quotes as saying that entrepreneurs are the people who jump off a cliff and then build a plane on the way down.  If what Will Rogers says (above) is also true, sometimes the plane that you… Continue reading Just Jump

Let Go to Learn

I recently started meditating daily.  I am one of those people who for years said “But I can’t turn my brain off,” or “I’m just too busy.”  Both of these things are still true, but I have discovered something major:  By taking the time to rest and take a bit of time, every day, for… Continue reading Let Go to Learn

I Like Big Goals and I Cannot Lie

I recently had the opportunity to be coached during a brief learning session as part of my training to be a coach.  The purpose of this class was to explore coaching someone on who they are being in pursuit of a particular goal.  It really made me think about who I am being in pursuit… Continue reading I Like Big Goals and I Cannot Lie

Rebuilding Your Life After Cancer

That was life *before* cancer. This is life after cancer.

Friday Funday: Northern Ontario (Going Home)

I feel lucky to have more than one place in this gorgeous province to call home.

Start with Love

Let’s choose fun, shall we?