Joelle Cooper, MIR, ATC, is the Founder of Cooper Coaching and Consulting Services. After 20 years of advising and coaching leaders in the fields of Human Resources and Labour Relations, Joelle is now turning her focus towards her own business.    Having developed processes and training programs which supported business needs through positive and effective employee relations practices, Joelle thrives when co-creating and implementing a new vision.

In her various roles in HR/LR, Joelle has seen that the only constant in organizations is change.  Those individuals who can harness change will perform at higher levels and propel their organizations (and themselves) forward.

Drawing upon her clients’ strengths, Joelle co-creates a vision and the path to achieving that vision.  Her clients are seen for who they are, and who they want to be.  In a non-judgmental environment, Joelle encourages her clients to experiment with different ways of being as they move through change.

Joelle has an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology/Political Science, a Master’s Degree in Industrial Relations, and is an Adler-Trained Coach.  Joelle is passionate about coaching and consulting because she can facilitate both the growth of the individual and the evolution of a business.

Joelle’s consulting practice specializes in supporting small businesses; helping small business-owners to interpret and apply Employment Standards and Health & Safety legislation.

Joelle’s coaching practice has a focus on clients who are moving through periods of change both professional and personal, creating a space for her clients to see and embark upon a path forward according to their values, purpose, and goals.

Joelle is also an enthusiastic and motivational public speaker.