You’ve Survived. Now what?

It’s that time of year where everyone seems to be talking about their New Year’s resolutions and goals for the year. In fact, I spent New Year’s Day reflecting on 2018 and welcoming 2019.

In particular, I’ve been thinking a lot lately in my work, life, and coaching practice about what it takes (specifically) to rebuild your life after an upheaval.  The truth is that there is no “one size fits all approach.”  That being said, I have been working out a list of some core steps you may wish to consider as you move along your own path.

Warning:  This list is subject to change.

  1. Acknowledge and celebrate your strengths.
  2. Reflect: How do you want to be living your life? If you were, what things would you be doing? Start there. Start with small, achievable actions.
  3. Sit quietly, meditate. Visualize.
  4. Honour yourself and the time it takes to access your greatness again.
  5. Know that you will feel whole again.
  6. Lean on friends, family, and on professional help.
  7. Grieve your old self. Write a letter to him/her and then burn it.  Dance around the flames.  Throw the ashes into a lake or the ocean (preferably an ocean), because that person is gone.
  8. Once you have said goodbye, you can say hello.
  9. Think about your strengths and how they can be leveraged.
  10. Think about your wildest dreams. Write them down.  Think about them.  Feel what it is that excites you about these dreams.  Where in your body do these feelings show up? Assess, feel, and move forward.
  11. Reflect on your List of Dreams. Brainstorm what specific actions would be required in order to achieve two-three that resonate with you.
  12. Prioritize your dreams and make a new list. These are your goals.


What do you think? Have I missed anything? I’d love to hear how you approach major shifts in your life.

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