Just Jump

“Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.” Will Rogers

Richard Branson is quotes as saying that entrepreneurs are the people who jump off a cliff and then build a plane on the way down.  If what Will Rogers says (above) is also true, sometimes the plane that you build on the way down won’t work.  The good news is that (at least in my mind), when you jump off a cliff you just end up in the ocean (also great).  Sure, the landing might smart but you will be fine.  You can try again until that plane is a thing of beauty and function.

If you have a dream, please don’t wait until you’re 100% sure.  Go as far as you can see, and then you’ll see farther.  Otherwise, you’ll never move forward.  Anyone who says they are 100% sure about anything is either lying to you, themselves, or both.

Waiting until we’re 100% of anything can leave us feeling stuck because so much of what we know is built from hindsight.  Here’s the thing:  you will make mistakes.  You will fail.  Especially if/when trying something new.

If you’re waiting until you’re 100% sure, certainty is not your barrier.  Fear is.  The very real potential for failure when embarking on a new adventure to realize a dream (like starting your own business, for example) stops many people before they start.  Think of all of the inventions and contributions to the world that have gone unfinished for fear of failure.

What are you waiting for?

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