I Like Big Goals and I Cannot Lie

I recently had the opportunity to be coached during a brief learning session as part of my training to be a coach.  The purpose of this class was to explore coaching someone on who they are being in pursuit of a particular goal.  It really made me think about who I am being in pursuit of my goals.

I have big goals.  I always have.  As a child, my goal was to become the first female Prime Minister.  Oh, how things change!  People sometimes say that grass doesn’t grow under my feet.  If I see an opportunity, I thrive on the challenge of achieving something I’m not sure is actually possible.

Because I like big goals, I sometimes forget all of the small, incremental changes that are required to see big results.  It has taken many years, but I have learned that you can’t change your whole state of being overnight. If you’re trying to change habits formed over a number of years, then that will take time.

Here are 5 high-level steps to achieving big goals:

  • First, develop awareness of who you are being. What are your values, and what do you know to be your true purpose in life?  This is often the step that takes the longest, but it is the most important.  How do you build a path from one place to another without knowing your starting point?
  • Second, be kind and patient with yourself. Moving towards something new takes time, small experimental steps, and a lot of learning along the way.
  • Third, think about your goal. There are several tools to help you get clarity on this. One of my favourites is at the front of a popular agenda book. It doesn’t have to be fancy.
  • Fourth, list what actions will help you get to your goal. Break it down by 3 months, 6 months, etc. Then you can see what you need to do each week.
  • Fifth, now that you have a plan how will you hold yourself accountable? What works here is unique to each individual.  Do you need to set reminders in your calendar or share with a friend who will keep you accountable.

Progress is rarely a straight line, and you may go through the above steps in random and repetitive orders.  No matter what, though, a clear focus on your priorities will usually result in some movement towards your goals, no matter how big or small.

What goals are you working on now?

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