Career Transitions – Follow your heart, your head, or your wallet?

What are you willing to sacrifice in order to do work that is fulfilling to you?  To obtain the level of income you believe is ideal?  For some people, it’s all about the heart.  Others focus on the money that is generated by their work and make choices accordingly.

When faced with a career transition (whether actively or due to an event outside of your control), we should ask ourselves:  Will my next career move satisfy my heart, my head, or my wallet?  In some cases, we can do all three.  In other cases, choices need to be made with a lot of reflection and self-awareness.

Step one is to identify your values.  What lights you up?  What are you passionate about?  What do you always have time/money for?  The answers to these questions point us toward our values.  Being aware of your innate values creates awareness of what kind of career move will satisfy your heart.

Next, there is often an intersection between your head and your wallet, because having “enough” money seems like a logical matter.  However, I like to separate the two matters.  The head part of the equation is whether you can do the work well and are already qualified for the work.  Only you can answer that question (along with perhaps a few former bosses).

Finally, what does “enough” money mean to you?  If you have a certain income level in mind, what will that give you?  This is another area where values arise.  Do you want money to travel?  What does traveling do for you?  Is it about time with family/friends or is it about adventure and learning?

The heart, head, and wallet are the three main considerations for those faced with a career transition.  You may choose to follow one, or you may choose to strike a balance between all three.  Either way, an intentional, thoughtful approach will ensure that you are moving in the direction that is right for you at this moment.  There are so many resources available to those in this situation, from books to webinars to coaching.  If you think coaching might be right for you, please reach out through the Contact page of this website.

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